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Natalie the Skunk by Faullyn Natalie the Skunk by Faullyn
Natalie is a student in a college full of anthro characters a few friends and I plan to work on soon. She's short and quiet, and she's always trying to bat down or do something with her hair that just stands up. (She can thank her father for that genetic inheritance.) Natalie tends to be in a generally happy mood; however, she is somewhat bipolar, and can easily become very angry or saddened, often due to her sensitivity around "skunk stench" that she is bothered about at times (despite the fact that she has never sprayed anybody with stench before). She doesn't talk to many people for a number of reasons, (which can be summed up to past experiences and just a general dislike of frequent social interaction) but despite, she always feels at home around anybody she can call a friend; in addition, she can become rather talkative around such people, so long as their interactions remain private. Natalie won't normally go out and around on her own account without necessary reason, but if a friend invites her out, she seldom denies the offer. (The one exception is parties - she does not go to parties or similar large group gatherings, nor does she prefer to talk about why.)

...Also, just for note, that is a high school graduation ring and birthstone on her toe, not some ridiculously expensive large diamond or whatever; she's not exactly swimming in the moneyz...

Anyway, I think this skunk is absolutely adorable, and I definitely would like to draw her often in the coming days, along with whatever other anthro students that are to come for our college mini-verse... thing.
Dreshanda Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012
It's been a while since I've seen a skunk around these parts! :D She is totally adorable and awesome, in every way possible. :)
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